Colt 14.5″ Lightweight 723 M16 A2 complete upper – SOLD

(more pictures below)

Colt 723 upper M16 A2 14.5″ lightweight, new in Colt bag.

This Colt upper features a fixed carryhandle A1 sight upper receiver, early M16A2 large forward assist, 14.5″ 1/7 lightweight barrel, A2 front sight post and bayonet lug, carbine handguards,
sling swivel, FA carrier and all Colt, factory test-fired complete take-off upper assembly with shoot-off muzzle cap in Colt bag.
There is a very small amount of light staining on front sight base and barrel.

Upper Markings; upper receiver C H, barrel C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7, bolt carrier C, bolt MPC.

Stock #1142401.    Price: $895

NOTE: This is a short-barreled upper. ALL NFA RULES APPLY.

light staining on front sight base

light staining on front sight base

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