Reduced! Colt A2 fixed carryhandle 6520 receiver – SOLD

Colt A2 fixed carryhandle receiver.

New take-off from Colt 6520 AR-15 A2 Gov’t Carbine – factory test-fired only.
Features a black fixed carryhandle upper with A2 sights, shell deflector, port door and forward asst., all Colt. Receiver has M4 feedramps.

There are some minor blemishes on left side of the receiver – they are not through the finish. There is also a scuff along the bottom sharp edge of the receiver under the forward assist. These marks are visible in the pictures below.

Markings: upper receiver C keyhole. Has M4 feedramps.
Stock #1036702

Price $169    Please call or email to order – 608 558-6201 or

Optional accessory: Charging handle   $28

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