Colt 16″ LE6450 9mm upper, new – SOLD

(more pictures below)

Colt LE 6450 16″ 9mm upper, new.

Features a black standard 9mm upper receiver with gas diverter/shell deflector, standard 9mm sights, 16″ 9mm factory-threaded chrome-lined barrel with bayonet lug and removable standard 9mm flashhider, 9mm tungsten weighted bolt assembly, carbine handguards, complete Colt factory upper receiver assembly, all Colt.

This upper came to us as a brand new, unfired trade-in. It did not come with the bolt carrier group or the handguards. We have added handguards and a used/excellent bolt carrier group.

Upper Markings; upper receiver C A, ejection port proofs, barrel C MP CHROME BORE 9MM, O stamp.
Stock #1142802

Price $625      Please call or email to order – 608 558-6201 or

NOTE: Some of the pictures of this upper have been taken outside in natural light as the lights in our photo booth distort the color of the anodizing.

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