Colt A2 fixed carryhandle small hole receivers, black or gray

Colt A2 fixed carryhandle receivers, black and gray current production and vintage.

We have current production and some older black, shiny take-off upper receivers.
We also have various shades of gray in nineties (1990’s) vintage take-off upper receivers.

All of these A2 receivers feature a fixed carryhandle upper with A2 sights, shell deflector, port door and forward asst., all Colt. They all have the small mil-spec .250 hole.
Some have M4 feedramps.

The following receivers represent a few examples of what we have available.

Please note: we have more A2 receivers just like the ones listed below. Please call or email – 608 558-6202 or  and indicate which type of receiver you want.

Stock #0606309 (SOLD)

matte charcoal black, cardinal, M4 feedramps after anodizing, ’04 to ’06 production, new take off



Stock #0820401  (SOLD)

current Colt shiny black, C keyhole, anodized M4 feedramps, ’06 to ’10 production, new take off



Stock #1248902  (SOLD)

charcoal, C MB, M4 marked, anodized feedramps, ’90s production, lightly used



Stock #1248802  (SOLD)
charcoal, C MB, M4 Marked, anodized feedramps, ’90s production, lightly used, bruising on left side



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