Colt flat-top LMG upper assembly with bipod and bolt/carrier – SOLD

Colt flat-top LMG – Light Machine Gun new upper assembly complete with bipod and bolt carrier group.

This Colt upper is different from the standard fixed-carryhandled LMG with the lightweight square-tubed bipod. It is a rare and unique Colt factory transitional model or prototype in the LMG development due to the USMC requirements to update from the traditional fixed carryhandle model.

This Colt factory flat-top upper receiver has a shell deflector and forward assist, as it was designed to fire from the closed bolt position.  The upper features a standard flat-top upper receiver with removable carryhandle, Colt Canada/Diemaco full heavy 1″ hammer forged 20″ 1/7 barrel, heavy duty LMG gas tube, improved stronger bipod upgraded from the M60 type, standard square LMG handguards and 3-position carryhandle, all Colt.  The handguards include a mounting port for the standard LMG vertical grip (vertical grip not included).

Note: please see close-up picture of handguards, showing a minor crack from the bipod feet sustained during shipping.  When we ship this upper to you we will use sufficient and proper padding underneath the bipod to ensure the handguards are protected. Alternatively, upon request the bipod can be removed for shipping.

Markings; upper receiver C keyhole, rail numbers, carryhandle square, barrel D MP 5.56 09548, front sight SP, bolt carrier C, bolt MPC with white dot.
Stock #1148312

Price $1,895   Please call or e-mail to purchase – 608 558-6201 or

This upper can be purchased without the following items:
Carryhandle – please deduct $50.
Bolt carrier group – please deduct $150
Bipod – please deduct $200

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