Colt AR-15 A4 Lightweight LE Carbine lower – SOLD

Factory new Colt 6720 AR-15 A4 Lightweight Carbine 5.56mm complete lower receiver with Colt Defense/Rogers Super-Stoc.

This lower receiver group is current production, and comes complete with the new Colt Defense/Rogers Super-Stoc which features a 4-position M4 H-buffer stock kit with cam-lock lever, push-button QD swivel receiver and replaceable buttstock with Colt logo.  The cam-lock removes any play between the buffer tube and the stock by locking down the stock with a click of the cam-lock lever.  The cam-lock lever and detent pin can be rapidly disengaged by pressing the quick-release lever.

The lower is stamped “COLT AR-15 A4 LIGHTWEIGHT LE CARBINE” and has the LEO markings.  Extra clean collector grade.

NOTE:  Colt is dropping the LE markings on all Colt models including the LE6720.   On models that have already been dropped/changed over, the roll marks were changed as well.   This is most likely the last of the LE marked, AR-15A4 roll marked, lowers that will be available.   I was told that less than 1500 were produced.  Excellent lower receiver choice or base for a Colt M16A4 clone build.

Price $659   Please call or e-mail to purchase – 608 558-6201 or

Photos below are of actual lower.

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