Colt 0920/6921 14.5″ M4 barrel take off – SOLD

Colt M4 14.5″ M4 barrel O920/6921 1-7 twist 14.5 “ M4 take off barrel with a bayonet lug, front sight base, A2 front sight post, sling swivel, M4 hand guard cap, A2 flash hider and barrel nut. This is a take-off barrel from a new upper that was fired less than 200rds.  No TE (throat erosion) and gauges as new.  This is an early M4 barrel with the C in parentheses, early to mid-90’s vintage.

Markings: (C) MP 5.56 NATO 1/7, barrel faint or possibly light stamp 7, O stamp.

Price $349    Please call or email to order – 608 558-6201 or

We also have Colt gas tubes, Colt delta ring kits and Colt handguards available.

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