Colt LE 6940P Piston Carbine, new

Newly released Colt LE 6940 16″ Piston 5.56mm carbine, new in Colt box.

The LE6940P incorporates a unique articulating link piston (ALP) operating system.  This piston system reduces the inherent stress in the piston stroke by allowing for deflection and thermal expansion. The design specifically allows for ease of cleaning, disassembly, and assembly of parts.

Features an advanced modular piston-operated M4 upper with monolithic rail and free-floating 16″ 1/7 chrome-lined barrel, folding front sight assembly with a bayonet lug, flashhider, a Ma-Tech back-up iron sight, full-auto bolt and carrier.  The lower receiver is marked “Piston Carbine” and comes with a Colt/Rogers Super-Stoc M4 H-buffer stock kit with cam-lock lever, push-button QD swivel receiver, and accessory kit.

Please email to be put on wait list.

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