LRB Arms M1A M14SA .308 1 of 99 special run for The Firing Line SOLD

This item is now sold.

LRB Arms M14SA .308 forged receiver and USGI parts build.  These M14SA forged receivers by LRB Arms are a semi-auto forged billet receiver and are considered the best non-military receiver for the M1A platforms.

This receiver is from a special run by LRB Arms for the M14 Forums “The Firing Line”. The receivers in this run were marked TFL01 through TFL99.  This one is TFL20.

The rest of the build used mostly USGI parts or new production LRB milspec parts.  This LRB M14SA features a TRW bolt, 18″ chrome lined milspec Criterion barrel sold by LRB, USGI M14 flashhider with bayonet lug, USGI gas system, USGI gas cylinder & piston, USGI op rod, TRW trigger housing with military parts, standard clip guide, USGI M14 fiberglass stock in excellent condition, painted green and flip-up butt plate.

Comes with one 20rd USGI BRW S1 marked mag.

This rifle was purchased from one of our customers who had a well known M14 gunsmith assemble the parts onto the receiver.  It was reported to have been fired only 20rds after the build.  When the rifle was received here, it was fired 20rds, cleaned and put away.

Markings: receiver U.S. RIFLE 7.62MM M14SA LRB ARMS TFL20, TRW bolt 7790186 ZC, barrel LRB 7790190 9/05 JG CBI, op rod 7267084 66118, trigger housing 7267030 TRW

Price   $2,495

Please call or e-mail to purchase – 608 558-6201 or

The rifle can be purchased without a stock and handguard. Please deduct $75 from the purchase price. We also have a selection of additional stocks or stock/handguard options as detailed below.

Stock/handguard options:
The following stocks are available with the LRB package at a reduced price. Any stocks not purchased with the package will be available to other buyers as a separate sale (if you are interested in one of these stocks please contact us and we will let you know if/when it becomes available).

USGI wood stock, sanded, faint cartouche, restamped cartouche by Springfield armory with USGI brown fiberglass handguard.
$100 with package, or $119 as separate sale

USGI fiberglass painted camo stock and black handguard.
$150 with package, or $175 as separate sale

McMillan M1A NM Marine Corps Match stock with painted woodland camo pattern and McMillan camo painted handguard.  This stock was bedded to another M1A that was only test fired but fits onto the LRB action after a little filing was performed.
$475 with package, $500 as separate sale

USGI M14 fiberglass stock in excellent condition, painted green with handguard.
$99 separate sale

We have some other USGI stocks that are used in walnut, birch or fiberglass.  They would be less than the above stocks. Please call or email to request pictures if interested.

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