New Remington 9mm +P 115gr, JHP Jacketed Hollow Point

New Remington 9mm +P 115 grain, JHP Jacketed Hollow Point, R9mmk6, 50rd boxes and 20 boxes to the 1000rd case.

Price – 1,000 rd case – $795.

This ammunition can be purchased in any quantity you would like from one box on up, please call for pricing.

This is law enforcement or military grade 9mm+P ammunition.
The Brass is marked;

R-P 9mm Luger +P

This is recent production ammo from maybe six years ago. I put some of the same ammo away in my personal stash. This is very good ammo.

We will ship directly to you via UPS ground – requires an Adult Signature. Please know or check your state and local laws before buying. I cannot ship to banned states or cities. You must be 21 to buy pistol ammo. A copy of a state ID is required before shipping.

Please call or e-mail to order or if you have any questions : 608 558-6202, e-mail:
Thank you.

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