Colt 14.5″ M4 flat-top military contract upper 0920 / 6921 new take-off upper

Colt 14.5″ M4 flat-top 6921/0920 new complete upper.

Features a new black flat-top upper receiver with forward asst., shell deflector, removable carryhandle with A2 sights, M4 14.5″ 1/7 barrel, flashhider, bayonet lug, M4 double heat-shield handguards, side sling swivel, new factory test-fired complete take-off upper with full-auto bolt carrier and all Colt.

Upper Markings; upper receiver M4, C Keyhole, rail numbers, carryhandle square, barrel C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7, 03/11, O stamp, white dot, front sight F, bolt carrier C, bolt MPC with a white dot.
Stock #1455607


Please call or email to order – 608 558-6202 or

Note: This upper can be purchased without the carryhandle – please deduct $50.

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