Parker-Hale Bipods

Fidelis Firearms Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Parker-Hale bipods. We have new, current production Parker-Hale bipods and handstops available imported from England.

These bipods are manufactured in England by Parker-Hale and have Parker-Hale marked on them. The bipods are steel and have the following features:  independently extending legs with secure ratchet mechanism, bipod base skids that have the raised traction center rib on each foot, fast-action deployment, multi-positioning mount and full field-strip ability in a neat, fold-away package. Parker-Hale bipods are approved by the British Ministry of Defence and are designed to military specification. They are used by military units worldwide and are suitable for the heaviest caliber shoulder-fired weapon. Parker-Hale offers excellent value for money with exceptional quality standards.

There are two types of Parker-Hale bipod, as pictured above and below, to incorporate various different mounting systems. The original Parker-Hale bipod (PHBIS) can be mounted to a rail using the Parker-Hale handstop or to a spigot permanently extending from the stock. The Parker-Hale fixed spigot bipod (PHBIF) is designed to be mounted into the port on the front face of any AI-type chassis system.  There are also adapters now available which will allow a Parker-Hale bipod to be attached to any type of rail system or sling swivel.

Parker-Hale Standard Bipod (PHBIS) $299.00

Parker-Hale Fixed Spigot Bipod (PHBIF) $299.00

Parker-Hale Hand-stop $63.00

Please call or e-mail to place your order.   (Dealer & quantity pricing available.)

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